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November 18 2017

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Tangled (2010)

Be honest. How many of us have parents or aunts/uncles who’d make that joke. Have a ‘good’ parent make that same joke and it’s endearing. Imagine Linda Belcher making a joke like that, she loves her kids but could make that work. Or John Silver from Treasure planet (admittedly a villen, but one who heal face turns).

The thing about Mother Gothel that I think they did so well in Tangled is present her as a potentially real person. I always felt like she DOES love Rapunzle. She simply loves herself MORE. She locked Rapunzle up in the tower, she kidnapped her, and kept her from having anything approaching a normal or healthy childhood. But she also DOES care about her and wants her to be happy as long as she still gets to use Rapunzle’s hair to live forever.

She doesn’t have to travel 3 days south to get Rapunzle seashells for white paint. She could have easily said no and been portrayed as heartless only putting on a facade, like the evil stepmother in Cinderella. But she doesn’t. She DOES leave with every intention of traveling 3 days on a journey JUST to get seashells from a beach for a birthday present. And would have done so without any hesitation if she hadn’t run into Maximilian (the white horse) on the way.

More than that when she leaves to go find Rapunzle she at first thought she’d been captured by a Royal Guard, and takes a dagger with her fully intent on killing that guard. Again mainly to prevent herself from loosing Rapunzle, but also to reclaim her adopted daughter.

It’s only when she gets to the tavern and specifically overhears Rapunzel SING about how happy she is to have left the tower that Gothel’s kindness towards her becomes an act. If you watch that scene you can even see that she’s not initially ANGRY when she first hears the line, when we see her in the window she looks sad, crestfallen even. She DID love Rapunzel. Just again. Not as much as she loved herself.

It’s a small grey area and doesn’t stop Mother Gothel from being objectively evil. But it keeps her from being evil for evil’s sake. She’s not needlessly cruel, she’s pointedly cruel. Sarcastic and cutting, but still kind even when it doesn’t benefit her to be.

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carol (2015) dir. todd haynes | halt and catch fire 4.10, “ten of swords” (2017) dir. karyn kusama

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how cool is this blouse tho? you go new yorker ✨

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as a gay, I have two moods

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Get to know me meme: [4/15] Male Characters ➸ Lito Rodriguez
“All of my life, I’ve had to pretend to be something I wasn’t. And to become what I wanted to become I couldn’t be what I am. I am a gay man.“

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Want more info? Here ya go: 


This Biology Teacher Disproved Transphobia With Science 


Sex redefined

“The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that.”

More on anti-trans arguments as bad science


Reblog cuz I didn’t even know some of this shit.

the world is way too weird for that shit

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the most accurate thing i have seen in a while

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“you can’t just put 20 commas in one sentence”

first of all, i’m german

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inktober 2017 - 21

Klark, queen of the ice nation, from “the white queen running” by @entirelytookeen

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this is too real

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aristocats is the most wonderful aristocrats pun and it always makes me smile

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Everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at.

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November 17 2017


Favorite German Words

Der Galgenhumor = literally “gallow’s humor”. The kind of humor used in very serious, unpleasant or painful circumstances - any humor that treats serious matters, such as death, war, disease, and crime, in a light, silly or satirical fashion. Galgenhumor has been described as a witticism in response to a hopeless situation, arising from stressful, traumatic or life-threatening situations, often in circumstances in which death is perceived as impending and unavoidable.

A few examples:

- Murderer James French has been attributed with famous last words before his death by electric chair: “How’s this for a headline? ‘French Fries’.”

- Ronald Reagan, upon being transported to the emergency room after being shot by John Hinckley, Jr., is reported to have said to his doctors, “I hope you’re all Republicans.”

- When the survivors of HMS Sheffield, sunk in 1982 in the Falklands War, were awaiting rescue, they were reported to have sung the Monty Python song, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”.

basically millenials 24/7

Justice League vs. Wonder Woman



Brooke Ence costume for Justice League vs. Wonder Woman.


Just to be clear: This is what SEXUALIZED vs. SEXY looks like.

Ok, let’s not look at the clothes for a while - because yeah there are worth things in the world than a crossfit champion showing off her muscles - it’s the hair and make up that gets me. Look at her all dolled up in Justice League. Her make up is super heavy and her artificial curls look like a synthetic wig, everything about this feels male-gazy if that’s a word. It doesn’t even make her half as pretty as she is on her instagram pictures. Whereas in Wonder Woman she looked like a warrior. A beautiful one, but a warrior. Did Diana leaving make the Amazons snap? Have they lost their enthusiasm for battle along with Antiope? Where did Penthesilea even find such make-up and a curling iron on Themyscira?

Same thing happened with Hippolyta, by the way, my mom, who is 64 and went with me to see Justice League because she liked WW, pointed out to me that she didn’t recognize her at first because she looked so much younger. She said, I quote, “It’s a shame, I liked her tiny wrinkles” and I think you can all guess why.

So yeah it’s not about leather bikini, it about JL once against sacrificing the representation of women as beautiful and powerful in their own way to a man’s idea of what a beautiful and powerful woman is.

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think before you speak/type or the chokehold fairy will get you   

reblog/retweet, don’t repost

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Shrek makes infinitely more sense if you ascribe to the theory that everyone is a PC in an RPG, and Donkey’s player managed to avoid a boss battle by rolling a nat 20 to seduce the fucking dragon

“I want to be a half-ogre.”

“What? You can’t. They’ve seen your picture, and you’re a human.”

“The ogre half is at night.”

“Ok, now it’s time for the boss fight against Farquaad.”

“I have my dragon girlfriend eat Farquaad.”

“…you what?”

“I have my dragon girlfriend-”

“No, no, I heard you the first time. Look, I’m gonna roll a d20 and if it’s a 20 then the dragon will eat Farquaad.”
-dice sounds-

*pinches the bridge of his nose* “Ok, so the boss is fucking dead now.”

“So i decided to fight robin and his merry men with my fists and kungfu”
“Just like that? Well its your funeral.”
Rolls dice for damage"the enemy mob is defeated instently because the pc focused most of their stats in strenght and agility"

“Are you kidding me?”



“It’ll be amazing”

“How would that even work”


(A few rolls later)



“what the fuck dude….”

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