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March 30 2017


“the representation is great”
*1 second later*
“Trini doesn’t want to label her sexuality”



cat grant leaves for .5 seconds and feminism suddenly dies

March 29 2017

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sarah michelle gellar on buffy the vampire slayer’s legacy

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Alyson Hannigan, Amber Benson and Seth Green | EW Buffy reunion

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case study of the gays: when faced with an unexpected guest appearance by portia derossi on santa clarita diet

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LGBT Cinema + Adaptations


tv show: no one is safe 

me, an intellectual: the white guy is gonna survive

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@kiyoko11: ☁️ Can I just be in my head with you? ☁️


me on my death bed: ai gonplei ste odon

my family/friends: what the fuck did she just say

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1917 / 2017

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I didn't know Amy Adams was born in Italy ❤






Looked up her wiki and she didn’t move to the US until she was 8. Also after he left the army her dad became a semi professional body builder and her mom sung in restaurants.

Actually pretty sure it was her mother who became the bodybuilder and her father who sang in restaurants.

Adams’ mother is gay and she divorced her father when Amy was a kid. They were in a strict Mormon environment so they all left the church (or were kicked out most likely) after the divorce.

Adams’ mother tried to get custody of her kids but the court denied her custody because she was gay. Amy’s father couldn’t afford to support all 7 children so the kids were split up and lived with different people. Amy lived with various family and friends in high school. After she turned 18, She eventually moved across the country to live with her mother.

This is why, btw, people find it super uncomfortable when talk shows/interviews repeatedly bring up that she worked at Hooters as a teen. She was legitimately poor and needed the $ to buy a car.

It’s also why its bullshit that people give her shit for saying that she doesn’t always want to ask for more $ or talk about $ publicly and would rather her salary remain private. Unlike a lot of these other privileged ass white celebs who grew up wealthy, privileged and/or came up through nepotism or went to an Ivy League School or Juilliard….Adams couldn’t afford an education and she grew up legitimately poor. She was one of 7 kids and they didn’t have much. She is aware of what it means to be poor and, I imagine, feels tacky talking about millions of dollars and then complaining about her salary when her own family are still leading pretty humble lives. When you know what it really means to be poor….you have a greater understanding of economic privilege.

Also, unlike a lot of her peers, she married a “regular” guy and he takes care of their daughter while she works. Her husband isn’t a billionaire hotel mogul or another actor or a producer. She’s the bread winner for her family. She’s also a supporter of charities/schools that impact LGBT youth and it’s not hard to know why. Amy Adams is 100 times better than most of fandoms white faves FYI.

Holy shit! I didn’t know any of that. Well I knew she was poor growing up and was married to a regular guy. But that’s about it. I’ve never heard the hooters story. It’s like when the media attack Amber Rose for stripping at 15 when she did it to feed her siblings.

Yeah. For years, interviewers (almost always male) bring up that she worked at Hooters. It’s the piece of trivia she seems to never be able to escape bc God forbid we ever let women just do what they have to do without making them answer for it later. Also credit to @cbrownjc because she’s the one YEARS and years ago who called (way way before the DCEU was even a thing) that Amy Adams was special, not like the rest of them and should, if the opportunity ever arose, have a chance to play Lois Lane. Like…she called it like 9 years ago.

I feel like I was reading the right articles about her because the whole Hooters thing is new to me but I remember reading about her growing up poor a long time ago.

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March 28 2017

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I wish I was sorry

first night in my own apartment after moving out 🙈🙈🙈

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