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July 15 2017

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✨ Nikohl Boosheri ✨

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where is a nikohl boosheri tumblr with all her instagram pictures and photoshoots when you need it, i am a gay and i have cravings okay

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[about Lexa’s demise] It truly opened my eyes up to something I don’t think I was truly aware of, that a character was able to inspire and galvanize people.





girls are so hot

guys are hot too oh man

why is everyone so hot

global warming

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9 days of sense8 | Day 4 :  Kala Dandekar

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Savior of the Gays Moodboard

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“you’re an adult now”


“you need to choose a career”


“you need to make your own doctor’s appointment”

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Little Heavy Burdens by m_ira

Clarke Griffin runs away from home after she finds out that her mother is responsible for her father’s death. Having no idea where to go on a Wednesday night, she finds herself shivering and sobbing on her best friend’s front porch.
Broken by their pasts but held together by each other, Clarke and Lexa find a future through each others strength.


A Best Friends AU

Chapter 1: Bruises (4,030 words)

read on AO3

She really didn’t think this through.

Running away from home this late hadn’t been one of her best decisions but she hadn’t been able to bear the presence of her mother any longer after the fight they had had and all the hurt she felt. As another sob fought its way up her throat she pulled her sweat jacket tighter around her body, shivering in the cold air of late September and pressing herself farther into the corner of the tiny hut to escape the wind a little better.

She was such a mess inside. There was so much sadness and anger and confusion clouding her thoughts. Screaming at her mother like that and stabbing at her with those sharp and hurtful words didn’t make her feel better at all. Rather, worse. She wasn’t sure if, or when, she could go back home.

Again and again car lights illuminated her face as they passed by the little bus hut she was sitting in. She sat there for at least fifteen minutes, shivering and sobbing and trying to soothe her inner turmoil when the rusty, old, blue bus finally arrived. Thankfully it was a Wednesday evening, which meant that the last bus into the city drove at 8:50, instead of 6:50 like on the weekends.

She pulled herself up on shaky legs, her body exhausted after all that screaming and the emotional rollercoaster she went through, showed the driver her ticket and placed herself in a spot that wasn’t under one of the few lights that bathed the inside in a yellowish glow. There was only one person she knew who would make her feel at least a little better right now and could help her figure out where to go from here.

As the bus set off on its twenty minute journey she tried to push the recent events aside and rather let her insides be filled with the warmth she always felt when she thought of her best friend. Lexa was so inherently good. No one in the world made her feel so safe and silently understood since the death of her father. It had been nearly two and a half years since he had passed away and a little over two since Lexa had first walked into her classroom a few weeks after the school year started, with a stitched up laceration adorning her hairline and her left arm in a cast.


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When I was younger I would take criticism really hard. But now it mostly amuses me.

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Special trend in honor of 500 days w/o Lexa. Check the times and make some noise Clexakru.


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Oh Danielle

people who don’t tag give me anxiety like what are you thinking?? do you even have thoughts?? are you real??

people who call their mother a best friend or rolemodel? can’t relate

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Me explaining why I am reading fics or batshit crazy theories


J A N E 

July 14 2017

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australians, roommates and making wlw happy (part 2)

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