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May 22 2018

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Jazmín I’m-a-giant-lesbian Del Río: a summary
It seems she met someone she fell hard for. And, do you know the guy? What do you mean the “guy”? No, she likes girls.

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EUROVISION 2018 - Special mention to…

Netta for being so damn cute when France gave its 12 points to Israel!

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Please reblog.

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I just watched Disobedience and now Rachel MacAdams is walking down Toronto like this

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Elina Nechayeva via instagram

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“Die Religionen Müsen alle Tolleriret werden und Mus der fiscal nuhr das auge darauf haben, das keine der andern abruch Tuhe, den hier mus ein jeder nach Seiner Fasson Selich werden.”

All of the religions have to be tolerated, and the state has only to make sure that one does not does harm to the other, because everyone shall seek faith in his own fashion here.

Friedrich II. (der Große), (1712 – 1786), King of Prussia

(via thatswhywelovegermany)

This was in reference to and in context of mainly Catholicism and all the Protestant sects. NOT Islam and whatever tribal demonic crap 2000 miles away he would never imagine in Germany!

“Alle Religionen seind gleich und guht, wan nuhr die leute, so sie profesieren, erliche leute seindt; und wen türken und heiden kähmen und wolten das Land pöbplieren, so wollen wier sie Mosqueen und Kirchen bauen.”

All of the religions are equally good if only the people who practice them are honest people; and if turks and pagans came here and wanted to populate the country, then we want to build churches and mosques for them.

Friedrich II. (der Große), (1712 – 1786), King of Prussia

Unfortunately, Frierich II. lied. With this law his words became basically meaning less: 

Erlaß eines Revidierten General-Privilegiums und Reglements vor die Judenschaft … vom 17ten April 1750 (X)

That’s the law that regulated Jews living in Prussia and put them into 6 different Jewish inhabitant (none were citizens) categories.

Also I don’t remember him building any Jewish temples. 

It was many decades later that Jews 1869 under the Norddeutscher Bund, which included Prussia, that they got full citizenship. 

Words are great.. action speak louder and often clearer.

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Laura wearing The Row, Jewellery by Bvlgari, and make up done by Nina Park.

She is here to hurt you.

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they weren’t holding hands oO Clarke was totally guiding Lexa’s hand between her legs xD note the sheets shifting

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i see you portugal 👀📝

smartshitting with shary and ralph

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Every Sense8 episode: What’s Going On? (1x04)

May 21 2018

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Daisy Johnson + hula girl

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When your parents are finally kissing so you save their asses rather than interrupting them

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5x05 | 5x22

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